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true riches?

‘”I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation; whether well fed or hungry, whether in plenty or in want.” Phillipians 4 :2

taken from the NIV

I really wish I knew Paul, the author of Philippians, (secret). I’ve never knew what it was like to be rich. I felt so many times that I had some kind of curse placed upon me to be poor and also cursing everyone who knows me to be poor as well.

I try to paint beautful canvases rich with colors and textures in photorealism and abstract both in acrylic and oil. Yet I sell nothing. I’ve made wonderful original crafts, again I sold nothing.

Maybe I’m the one making everyone poor and it never was a true curse, after-all it takes a lot of money to make these things. Perhaps God just allowed me to do these things for my sanity of being homebound for 30 years. 

I do know what it feels like to be both hungry and well fed. When I see these children in Abduh’s orphanage, my heart goes out to them. Daily new children come to his home and beg for a scrap of food to eat instead of going to the dump to eat garbage.

I only make $600 a month yet i provide with as much money I can to feed them. Yet with all of my obligations I feed 14 children for two weeks at-a-time. Tell me how much do you spend a month on frivelous things instead of giving the best you can to help another person in dire straights? My rant? Take a look around you… I see home improvements, new cars and possessions with all your covid checks while the rest of the world suffers. If your helping out in whatever country. The above sentence doesn’t apply to you.


I also have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be well fed and starving like these children. At one point-in-time, I dumpster dived for my food while being pregnant with my firstborn son. 

What’s true riches then? Maybe it’s a family with children? Maybe having clothes, shoes, a place to lay your head at night… maybe a shelter away from the elements of God’s creation. In this country I qualify for foodstamps.

So checklist time.  I was hungry, well-fed, poor and now rich in other countries especially those families who make a buck for one weeks worth of work.

Going back to Paul; the four-star general Christian, what does he mean by (secret) What if his statement is a double statement. What if he meant that his secret is truly not a secret to any Christian. The dependency on Jesus. He gave us the meat of His word to eat and true riches in relationships. If that is the case maybe these children as well as believers all over the world who live in shacks experiance true riches and food while we in America are the true impoverished ones.

So consider throwing away your lottery tickets and count your blessings. 

Be kingdom minded giving Jesus and the  Father glory in your giving feeling compelled through the Holy Spirit to give your spare change to help another. Maybe even giving these group of children  your donations. I’ll have a button in the future for donations but in the meantime buy products from our store. They’re expensive for a reason and will not be on sale like other sites. 

Consider subscribing for emails about the latest news of our children in Masaka Uganda. I will also get the information about the missionaries and churches that we are able to get help from.

Thank You, and may God richly bless you.

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