Gift Giver

Have you ever recieved a gift that the person giving the gift spent long thought or they worked hard making just for you. I suppose many have experienced this. Would you reject the gift? Of course not! But take a step back for a moment and ponder this.

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the Gift

when I was in Kindergarten, we had a tradition in my school, we would open one Christmas gift given by our parents in class. I sat there watching all the girls open up there gifts to reveal the latest barbie doll; the guys, GI Joes. I was very excited to open my gift considering my box was very big. I opened it immediately and in my package there were three ceramic pigs. each different and to my surprise they were piggy banks too. I cried and told my mother I wanted a doll. She was very angry with me because she spent a lot on my gift and the package given to me was with a lot of thought. She thought I would understand and love it.

I never realized

how precious that gift was. But I kept them until my cousin’s friend broke them open to get the money to buy packs of cigarettes.

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I also knew…

the feeling of being on the opposite end of the pendulem. My mother couldn’t afford to take care of me so she asked all of her friends to help. One of her friends said they would take me in… I never realized how unloved I was. I thought that when my mother came once a year, my birthday, to visit me. I remember one birthday my mother came over with a huge bag of teddy bears. it was such a huge bag it took up the whole backseat of her station wagon. I was thrilled. I gave each bear a name.

Jumping Forward…

I kept all of my bears. I remember my mom going out with very nice Drummer; Tom, He was the only boyfriend my mom ever went with that was a keeper. One night Tom told me that my mother had a work related travel. She would spend that month in New York. Once again waiting for my mother to come home. She came back in the middle of the night, sneaking, trying not to wake up Tom. With her trunk full of her stuff she told me I could only take my koala bear. This bear was truly special. I can’t remember what I called him. I regress…


That Koala had real fur and ceramic nose stuffed to perfection. I used this bear to get me through my abandonment throughout my childhood.

Jumping forward…

At my school in New York there was the same ritual in this school that my other school had except this was a swap. You pick a name in the hat and whoever you get you had to buy them a present under $10. Which was expensive at that time. For some reason I thought that If I gave a really good present from the heart, that person would be my best friend since I didn’t have any friends. So I gave her the best present for her… my koala bear. I used that bear to reasure myself on the months and months waiting for my mother…. I lived with my mom and my stepfather so I thought that I didn’t need him and maybe she would cherish him like I did.

Perfectly wrapped…

I must have spent hours on the package. After-all, I thought she would be my friend by opening the package and be blessed by it. I opened my present first and it was a world globe pencil sharpener. I loved it. Now it was time for her to open her present. She tore the paper in pieces and grabbed her koala; saw it, and immediately asked everyone if they wanted to trade the gift. No one wanted it then she threw it on the floor…

I was so hurt…

I immediately asked her if I could have him back . Thankfully she agreed and she didn’t want to be my friend. So tell me about your answer?

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God’s precious GIFT

Did you ever stopped yourself and realized that everyone received a precious gift that no one could match. His begotten Son. He gave up His only Son because He wanted to show His love for us. He wants a relationship with us, but He couldn’t because He can’t be apart of sin. He’s to pure. He must have been in agony seeing His son being beaten, exposed, beard ripped off, nailed on a tree, spit on and the nation He cherished wanted a murderer instead of Him. All this love for us and they had the nerve to cast lots for His clothes. Nothing compares to God’s present. And Jesus knew what He was going to go through but came anyways because He was the gift. True Love…. As young as I was I understood a little bit about precious Gifts. I love God’s GIFT. I accept Him into my heart what about You? Do you want Him or do you want to spend the rest of eternity in God’s wrath because you nailed Him to the cross. Yes, you! You nailed Him not only the Jews 2000 years ago but you did it too because of your sins.

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My gift given to me by God, Jesus Christ, I will not throw Him on the floor and ask other people if they want to trade Him for something else. Receive your gift!

For by grace are ye saved through Faith, and that not of youselves; it is the gift of God Ephesians 2:8

King James