Lie… Who me?

blessed card

Admission Please

We all lie right?  Two weeks ago I did something that was unthinkable; I lied to a group of women in a knitting club that I’ve been with now, I’d say 3 years now? Anyways… Every Thursday I ask for prayer requests. It seemed like everyone was diagnosed with cancer. 

So what did I do? I matter-of-factly told them that I had a tumor in my brain that the doctor’s couldn’t operate on.

Yeah, I know, the lowest of lows!! Why did I do it? I still don’t know… maybe it was to get pity, maybe it was to be loved, maybe it was because no one in those three years has anyone asked me about my complaints… I don’t know. Yeah, I’m making excuses.

What’s worse? Yeah, it gets even better. I was going to go back in a couple of weeks and tell them I was miraculously healed. But honestly, I stopped to think … did God wanted to get the glory over the situation with another lie?

A month had past and I decided to go and tell my blatant lie or the truth.. I wanted to lie because that wouldn’t cause anyone to hate me for hurting them as they knew I was a Christian.

As I was going for the long drive to the knitting group which was in a church, I heard a message on the radio station by pastor Dave Therrian. He started to talk about Noah. It took him 120 years to build that ark and turns out no one believed in him and was against him… The whole world was against him. And Let’s also look at Moses, on constant occassions they murmered and complained about him… They didn’t want him or believed in him… again… the whole world was against him… What about Jesus? None of the Spiritual leaders of the time believed in Him… He was hated and still hatred and doubts about His authenticity remains to this day. 

I sat there and struggled with my decision to tell the truth. I finally gave in because I didn’t want to tick off God even more. This was my chance to come clean. 

As I entered the room I was stopped by a woman by the name Barbara. She told me that she was so filled with Joy that I had prayed for her and that God answers them. She is now six months free of cancer and no longer needed to be routinely checked by her physician for lung cancer. She kept holding my hand and wouldn’t let go… My eyes swelled up with the promise of tears. I told her that I had to tell everyone something that would make even her hate me. 

I sat on a chair in plain site… not orchestrated… and I told them  the truth. I glanced over at Barbara. As soon as I looked over in her direction I started crying. The tears pouring down off my cheeks. 

One-by-one they got off their chairs and started hugging me… telling me that it was okay… that everyone makes mistakes.. And all of them started to tell me that they respected me even more now. That God understands.

What!!! No stoning? No get out? Instead I was welcomed and told that I didn’t have to lie to gain their love.  This whole time I thought I was the only Christian in that place because everyone wanted prayer from me… because once again… God answers my prayers.  I should have realized, we are after-all in a Church. These women are aged and devout Christians. And they showed me so much Grace. And said.. Hun we’ve been praying for you too. 

Thank you God for knocking me down a couple of notches. Thank You Jesus for showing me mercy and grace. Thank You GOD for giving me love in that moment that I needed it the most. Now, I don’t feel like an outcast anymore but that I’m loved… respected.. and that they still want me to pray for them. God really works out everything for my good when the enemy meant it for harm.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. 

Amen and Amen to that promise in the Bible. Shortly after that incident I recommitted my heart to Jesus. There’s nothing that you can do that would separate His love for you. Nothing that You do can ever tear you apart from His Hand. He knows all and is always making intercession before Father God on your behalf. Do You know Jesus? Does He know you? You can have freedom from your sin. Sin is sin.. There’s no little sin or big sin, it’s all the same. If you want someone on your side… I invite you to accept Jesus in your heart. Are you ready to rid the shame that you carry?  Then say this prayer… Jesus I accept you in my heart this day. Please forgive me of my sin. You want fellowship with me. You love me. And nothing can change that… I trust You and need You in my life. I don’t want to carry around my shame anymore. Accept me now Jesus… I come boldly to Your throne. Jesus I believe You died for my sin. I believe you died and rose again on the third day. I believe in You Lord. And let me never shy away but be bold in proclaiming the good news to others. In Jesus Name I pray Amen

Welcome to freedom… Welcome to Jesus’s family. The Father rejoices over You and the angels are cheering. You made it home.