Humble beginnings


Abduh’s testimony:

I have always had a rough life. My parents died of HIV AIDS when I was young at a tender age. I was educated by a good Samaritan who later on passed away.

When I grew up I decided to move to a town where I had to toil to get something to put my hands on. I had no shelter, I had nothing at all. I would sometimes sleep in the streets or non-finished and abandoned homes.

I would eat from garbage heaps until one day, I walked into a restaurant and requested if they could offer me a job for my survival. I was blessed that they gave me a job working as a pantry boy. My major work there was to wash dishes, plates and cutlery.

I would arrange leftovers and keep them for many other children. That’s how I became their hero. They knew the time that I would meet up with them in the evening with some packed food. I could also offer some money at the end of the month but this also was not enough.

One evening I was discontinued by the manager of the restaurant from being a pantry boy. Life became as hard as stone for me and the children who I was taking care of. We thought of ways of surviving until I got an idea of going in the suburbs in the morning to till peoples gardens for food, and in the evening we would return to do casual work, such as collecting garbage for our needs. The idea paid some dividends until we made some little bit of money and started renting land by agreeing to share in the harvest and grew food for our consumption…

Victoria trying to prepare food for the other fellow little children, we thank God for the gift of food
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