Who can measure the depth of Your Love?
Understanding is a vapor that quickly passes.

Your Love is of time no more and of time eternal.

Steady is Your hand like a masterful artist.

None can compare to the blood You drip.

Who can stand in hurting hearts?

The great physician who pierces my deceptions; that's who!

The One who tenderly holds my left hand in reassurance.

Your will be done.

Father... am I lacking?

Yes to all.

Everything will be alright. He speaks through life eternal. The word made flesh. 

The true freedom from my chains.

My walls extend beyond. You unbound.

Where are you my beloved daughter?

Here Father! Here I am kneeling.

Here i am standing now unashamed?

You seek me out in depthw of the pits in th valleys on mountains.

You never relent. Your name is Love.

I say... forgive me... see me... know me.

Did You see me? I delighted in You in mourning past, where Your birds sing You praises of Halleluh and this faithful servant in creation singing in unison to give You Glory Father God.

Where are you my daughter?

See me oh God most High! Know me once again.

Oh daughter, I told you not to fear. I will find you. We will sit under the weeping manzanitas and talk. /you are safe now.

My Love You will sit with me? I will sit by this tree where my healing will come.

My Father, My Love, my Best Friend You see me now... I am ugly. Dirty, stained by my own yellow-green blood.. smelling like manure

May I be baptized and made pure through the infusion of Your fresh water?

Oh Holy Spirit show me where I can find Father now?

Am I still Your daughter? Are You still my friend?

Daughter, be still, I will find you. I know where you are.

It's alright let's get you new clothes.

But Father I am ugly.

Your never ugly in My eyes. And see I found you. I told you not to fear. Will you see Me and know who I am?

Father I'm fading!!  I am afraid Father. Quickly betrothed me to your Son before it's too late.

Do not be afraid daughter.I am with you and I will never forsake you.

Then why am I fading?

You are not fading daughter. I'm fashioning you so you will never be ugly again. I Love you.

You are now ready for my Son always with open arms and forever my brave child.